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Compost is made from shredding and windrowing the garden waste (bush clippings, tree trimmings and leaves) we receive. After grinding it up to a fine texture, we mix it with water and add and mix in horse manure for nitrogen, we then set it out in long rows (windrows) of approximately 4' high x 8' wide x 80' long. We keep watering and turning these windrows for at least 3 weeks by which time the composting process has come to the end of it's active cycle. We stockpile it to mature and finish in large piles set to one side and left undisturbed for another 4 weeks. By composting this green waste material we avoid putting it in the landfill where it creates a lot of gas which then feed the fires we so often experience. Commercial Farmers and backyard farmers growing vegetables for their own consumption, compost brings many benefits to your crops by rejuvenating the soil with nutrients, by conserving water, by creating soil depth at an affordable rate you will realize better, bigger and juicier crops. For the backyard farmer particularly we will be offering growing socks soon that can provide you with a growing area even if your yard is all concrete. Stay tuned.

Compost for New Home Owners

This is a wonderful material to use prior to putting down soil, and is half current soil cost. You can prepare your new yard without 'breaking the bank'. For flower and shrubbery beds, it is again an affordable alternative to soil, and if you use soil on top, it enhances the water holding properties of that soil. For older gardens, use unsifted compost to enhance your already established flower and shrubbery beds, it will give you better water retention and nutrition for your plants. Finish with our colourised mulch — see Mulch.

Grow Vegetables with Affordable Compost

Growing your own veggies this year? Make sure you give yourself lots of soil depth for growing those root vegetables with affordable compost. Help your existing soil hold water better and gain all the nutritional benefits from compost which will cut your need for expensive fertilizers.

Bulk or Bag

We sell in Bulk directly to the customer or in Bags of 50lbs through our retailers.

Home Compost Mulch Recycle Products